Southern Yankee Exposures is a collaboration between two photographers, Mark Pomerantz and Jessica Brazelton de C├írdenas.  The name is an homage to the fact that we both are originally from up North and now call Memphis home.

We started this business to share and continually develop our passion for photography.  Through our passion, we want to help our clients preserve memories around their family members and friends, pets, and important events that they experience in Memphis.  This includes portraits, weddings and other special events, and family and friend reunions.

The Individuals:
Mark's interest in Photography started with motorsports and this interest continues - in fact he has a whole gallery devoted to it.  From there, Mark delved into pet photography before breaking out into portrait work.  His interest is the overall composition of the photo.  He wants to bring that out for all Southern Yankee clients. 

Jessica loves to travel, and her interest in photography stemmed from her desire to wander around the world.  However, since no one would pay her to wander the world and take pictures, she channeled that into taking pictures for a local dog rescue.  From there, she wanted to a way to work with clients beyond the dog rescue world.

Southern Yankee Exposures, LLC is a Limited Liability Company. All content on this site is copyrighted by Southern Yankee Exposures with all rights reserved.
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