Some Frequently (and Infrequently) Asked Questions:

Q: “I don’t want to take my newborn outside and feel like my house is too messy for you to take photos here, do you have a studio?”
A: Yes! We can rent a studio for your session for an additional fee. Also, we are really good at editing- often we can build different backgrounds for your photos if needed! (Ask us about the time we took maternity photos in a man cave…)

Q: “I want you to take photos for a big announcement I’m planning, but want to make sure that the announcement is a total surprise! Can you help?”
A: We would love to help, and our lips are sealed!

Q: “I just want a couple of photos for a family Christmas card but don’t want to pay for a full session. Can you help me?”
A: We’re planning some mini sessions before the holidays, stay tuned!

Q: "Will you photograph my event/family/wedding for free? It would be great exposure!"
A: Um, thanks but no thanks. Given that we've got the word "exposure" in our business name, I think we're good on that.

Q: "Can we schedule my child's session around her nap time, & I'll just give you a call when she's ready?”
A: We both have full-time day jobs actually, so probably not. We tend to book at least a few weeks in advance, but let us know if you have a late notice request and we’ll do our best to get you in.

Q: "I'd like to schedule a family session! Is it OK that we live in Siberia?" 
A: Sure! But for anything outside of the Memphis area we have to factor travel costs into the session fee.

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